Flash Platformer

More information

I made this platformer all the way back in 2014 in flash, I was really proud if it back then but looking at it now that level design is cringe

If you're wondering where I got the music, I made it myself in a midi editor called Speedy Midi, then converted it to MP3 online thorugh some website.

The last level of the game loops because I never put in a proper end screen.

I remember I added a titlescreen, but that was on another version which only lets you play 2 of the levels.
That and the song was really bad, I also recorded some footage of me playing the first level for a demo.

Remake plans

I'm considering making a C++ remake of this game that runs way better and has better level design, but I'm not sure if I will.
If I do you'll know because there will be a big green hyperlink under me that'll direct you to it!


And remember, if you have any questions just email me!
though i may not respond...

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